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Ten Excuses for Regime Evil*  --  Then and Now

Presented as a public service by Jewish Covenant Alliance, R.A. [covenantalliance.org] –

Jewish mission to the nations

These are all good for anyone who needs reasons to do nothing

by Aaron Braunstein, Founding President

While the circumstances change, the woeful excuses remain the same.!

1.  The Nazis are full of talk; they’ll change their tune when they have to run the country.

2.  They are only saying such bad things to affect the elections;  it’ll be different when they are in power and have to deal with the people’s real problems.

3.  They’re only interested in undoing the humiliating punishments inflicted on the Germans after their defeat in World War I.

4.  They’re putting a great nation back to work again with a renewed sense of national pride.

5.  They are clearly in favor of improving the race;  eugenics is very popular even in democratic countries.

6.  As the phrase goes, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

7.  The Nazis can’t be all bad;  they’re against the Bolsheviks, aren’t they?

8.  They only want to unite all the Germans in one state;  what could be intrinsically bad about that?

9.  Berlin has disbanded those goon squads (the SA Brownshirts);  now there will be some law and order in the country.

10.  In any case, it’s all the Jews’ fault as they seek to drive everyone into a new terrible war;  and everyone knows how the Jews are.!

The Ayatollahs in Iran are mostly talk in their tirades against Israel and Zionism.

They’re not anti-Semites;  they even have the support of anti-Zionist Jews.

They’re only reacting to the attacks they’ve suffered from Western colonialism and imperialism over the last 100 years.

They want nuclear capability for its economic benefits and to have a respectable “place in the sun”.

They want to purify the Islamic world and put an end to all the chaos and oppression within the existing Arab states.

“When the ends are noble, the means are just”.

The Iranian Ayatollahs can’t be all bad;  they’re against ISIS, aren’t they?

They want to unite all Moslems;  what could be intrinsically bad about that?

They only created the Revolutionary Guards to avoid any coup d’état by a potentially disloyal Iranian military.

In any case, the Jews are seeking to drive everyone into a terrible war;  and everyone knows how the Jews are.!

The Question seldom asked THEN:  For what Purpose was Evil promoting these?!

After over 50 million dead in WW II, is that Question being sufficiently asked NOW?

“They’re not listening still. Perhaps they never will”, Don McLean

* The reach for world domination by a totalitarian ideology that glories in human blood sacrifice