The Mt Zion

Hebrew Bible Art Center

project of the Jewish Covenant Alliance, R.A.



A higher stage has been reached in the development of the new JCA Project - The Hebrew Bible Art Center (HBAC). Among JCA projects, it is unique in having generated almost universal apolitical support in Israel and worldwide. I expect it to be a credit to us all.

As described in the attached project paper, it proposes to:

Create in Jerusalem an international Hebrew Bible Art Center (HBAC), which will display masterpiece paintings on Biblical sagas from museums worldwide by means of high quality reproductions -- paintings by Rembrandt of Holland as by Aivazovsky of Russia.  The displays will be arranged by Parasha chapter, not by Artist !

As with other JCA projects, the latest is an endeavor to strike additional sparks of Jewish pride among youth and their seniors.  Such sparks should radiate around the world as a reflection of the universal recognition of 4,000 years of Jewish Civilization.

More so, HBAC will also unite peoples gazing increasingly to Zion.

We have achieved some good news over the last period in this regard.  In particular, we've received acknowledgment of the Project by the Mayor of Jerusalem and the start of a review process by his staff.  This has also now allowed JCA to present the Project's IP concept to The Israel Museum which has shown interest.

In addition to the two Dutch art centers in Holland (Delft and Den Bosch) whose directors have enthusiastically joined the HBAC Advisory Board -- we have received a letter of support from the prestigious Rembrandt House in Amsterdam.  As you know, Rembrandt created hundreds of art works dealing with the Hebrew Bible.

HBAC will be established hopefully on the Via Gloria of Mount Zion itself with the help of AngloSaxon Realty and others.  Feelers have been sent out to potential supporters/donors in this regard. The first contributions needed from prospective major donors are for NIS 500,000 and for NIS 10 million.  As a first step in this regard, we have presented the Project proposal to Malcolm Honlein, Governor Huckabee, MK Speaker Edelstein and to the evangelical founder of the new Bible Museum in Washington, DC.  More are to follow.

On May 30th, Aaron gave a talk on the Project at AACI to enthusiastic reception.

The link is https://youtu.be/7Nj_8O0DZ6s or simply search YouTube for “bible art center”.

JCA now has a link on its home page for HBAC and, through it, to all cooperating institutions. Small donations are welcome for development of a full-blown Website, Facebook Page & inspir cards for greater outreach (e.g. Jacob’s Ladder; Binding of Isaac).

We look forward to your thoughts on this our new momentous project.

In the meanwhile, please inform all your correspondents about the HBAC Project.

Aaron Braunstein, USFSO (ret.), JCA Founder


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