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Certain Christians, Not Guilty, But Suspect until Proven Innocent

The Tribulation of Christian “Uprooters” who Challenge Christian Zionists

Aaron Braunstein

October 2011

Christians who propound a replacement, supersessionist, secessionist or uprooting theology are a serious, but little recognized or understood, threat to Israel and all of mankind.  They continue to hold fast to the antiquated doctrine that with the coming of Jesus and his crucifixion, the Body of the Church has somehow replaced the Body of Israel as His Chosen People.  Such “Uprooters” usually don’t trouble themselves to ask what each confession is chosen for, how the missions of Church and Synagogue may complement each other, or how redemption can possibly come about for all humanity without unity of action, not division.  They claim that the Church is grafted onto the Tree of Israel, but believe that its Jewish branches are dead.  Yet, their theology will only wither without the reflux of His People Israel’s nurturing sap now rejuvenated in the Holy Land.

Many Uprooters are into medieval Master Church as we have seen would-be oppressors of mankind’s body and soul rise and fall for more than 2,000 years.  Neither Catholic nor Protestant is immune to the replacement virus that eats away at the very Body of the Church.  Those, however, who cleave to Genesis’ pronouncement, “I will bless them who bless thee and curse them who curse thee”, have the built-in antidote to the replacement poison that continues for centuries to ooze at the far-reaching base of anti-Semitism and that deforms the very image of God in Man.

The danger of replacement theology and its advocates is thus not just an academic or philosophical matter. Whether overtly or subliminally, it affects the attitudes and actions of many Christians toward the State of Israel.  In a phrase, what too many Christians offer as a concern for social justice and human rights primarily for Palestinian Arabs may clerically cloak a theological agenda, not a social or political one – the delegitimization of Israel as a Jewish State. The refusal of certain Moslems to acknowledge a Jewish State as such thus has its equally dangerous parallel in certain corners of Christendom.

Some Uprooters even abhor Jewish claims to sovereignty. They see the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy in our day as an aberration that leads Christians (rightly) into seeing the State of Israel as part of a redemptive equation in this world. They purposely would confuse us about the critical importance of Jewish renewal by switching to the obvious – that no particular Israeli government or policy necessarily has heavenly sanction.

In all this, they have a dangerous parallel even among Jews – the notorious Neturei Karta, an extremist sect among the ultra-orthodox, who believe that only the coming Messiah can bring a Jewish State into being.  In cooperation with Ayatollah Iran, the Neturei Karta works actively for the destruction of Israel.  If it were not politically incorrect and anti-American, some Christian Uprooters would even join openly those who actively challenge the very existence of Israel, like that of no other country.

Using the ruse of human rights, many Uprooters also represent an anti-American world outlook which is a child of dissimulated anti-Semitism, a child that has no Father!  Since Sinai, Israel has a mission to struggle against moral relativism in this world, which is a struggle against modern-day idolatry and human blood sacrifice in diabolical service to some cause. This cause, Master Jihad, is today championed by Ayatollah Iran and its devotees – Hizbollah, Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood.

Since 1776, the United States sees its own mission to champion freedom worldwide. Both America and Israel are despised for such commitment also by their Christian detractors.  But the latter suffer the most.  And more so, by questioning Israel’s legitimacy, they undermine the very ground on which Western civilization stands.
Let Christians who would witness to Israel, take up witness among the nations for Israel.

It is not by chance that Christian Zionists especially, in their acknowledgment of His Chosen People, come to the aid of Jews specifically in Israel. Let replacement-believing Christians prove that they are not working, knowingly or unknowingly, for the destruction of Israel and its 7.5 million people, by also supporting Jews in Israel, not just in the Diaspora. Until then, such Uprooters will be suspect of hiding a theological agenda against Israel -- until proven innocent.  

Jewish Covenant Alliance, www.covenantalliance.org