Aaron Braunstein

U.S. Foreign Service Officer (ret.)

Aaron Braunstein was born and raised in New York. At the age of 20, he moved to Israel for studies at the Hebrew University. In 1996, after a full career in the U.S. Foreign Service, Aaron took early retirement and moved back to Jerusalem. In the Service, he managed major economic programs around the world, mostly in Arab and Moslem countries.

Aaron is a graduate of both the Hebrew University (HU -- Jerusalem, 1963) and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Paris, 1965) specializing in history, political science and international relations. He also holds a second Masters from Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, 1978), with specialty in international health programs. Aaron is a graduate of the U.S. Foreign Service Institute’s intensive training program in Economics. He is fluent in English, French and Hebrew, conversant in Spanish, with a basic knowledge of Arabic and Dutch.

As a U.S. foreign service officer, Aaron served for many years with U.S. Embassies, mostly in Moslem and French-speaking countries: Niger, Senegal, Mali, Tunisia, Viet-Nam, Peru and Egypt, in addition to Washington, D.C. He specialized in program development/management and mass media promotion. In all these capacities, he was heavily involved in the formal design and evaluation of country programs. During Aaron’s two years in Tunisia, he worked with his Tunisian counterparts to develop, implement and promote programs in all economic sectors. His five years of work in Egypt provided for multi-million dollar programs in family planning and multi-media promotion, working particularly with the Egyptian State Information Service on the design and approval of culturally-sensitive messages and public information campaigns.

Since returning to Israel, Aaron is bringing his experience and knowledge to a broad audience on the lecture circuit. He is current Program Chairman of the Jerusalem Rotary Club and past-Chairman of its Foundation. He is also past moderator with a Palestinian counterpart for the Israeli-Palestinian Internet Discussion Group on Peace Education (IPPEN) at HU’s Truman Institute, writing all apolitical newsletters, correspondence and promoting exchanges among Israeli and Palestinian professionals.

As a private consultant for seven years, Aaron provided senior English editing services to Yad Vashem (all texts in the new Museum, survivor memoirs, Righteous Gentile sagas, etc). He has also assisted many hi-tech firms in document writing/editing, public relations, marketing and corporate promotion (Jerusalem Software Incubator Ltd., VirTouch Ltd., VisiMix Ltd., Search Engine Ltd., MovieStar Systems Ltd., IDT Inc.)

In addition, Aaron is past founder of CounterTerror Creations®, a special hi-tech incubator and educational alliance, bringing his brainstorming expertise to bear on critical security issues. He was also start-up director of corporate promotion in Israel for Dale Carnegie Training®, the premier organization worldwide for corporate, public and private excellence (exceptionalism) in human performance.

As founding-president today of the non-sectarian educational association, The Jewish Covenant Alliance R.A., Aaron and JCA volunteers seek to advance a sharper understanding, among Jew and Gentile alike, of Chosen/Choosing People by promoting its old-new paradigm for humanity’s spiritual victory over blood-thirsty evil.

In response to social concerns, Aaron is also on the Boards of several associations: Israel Interfaith, Jerusalem Rotary, Jerusalem Gypsy, and Israel-Africa Friendship.