Home Spiritual Significance of Jewish Sovereignty (Eng, HE)

Presentation to Brig. General Eli Schermeister, Chief Education Officer,
Israel Defense Forces, The Kiryah, June 25, 2012


Ramot Zion Congregation, Jerusalem, May 4, 2013

“The Spiritual Significance of Restored Jewish Sovereignty”

Chosen/Choosing People? – only a few million Jews say so, whereas 100s of millions of Christians affirm this.


But the real issue is Chosen for What?

Not just moral “Light to the Nations”.

Not just Bringing the Messiah.


But also, w/ sovereignty today, to be pathfinders in the Eternal Struggle against Regime Evil – drawing on 4,000 years of religious civilization in rejection of human blood sacrifice.

But, What is Regime Evil? – declaring as moral that which serves any ideology seeking to dominate humanity.

Today, led by satanic ayatollah Iran and its allies in the Middle East and around the world.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions can unite with this struggle against Evil, as with no other.

But for this to happen there must be two paradigm shifts in a primary instance:

From Democracy vs Dictatorship to Moderation vs Extremism

From War of Religion to Struggle For Religion

[two common basic non-sectarian religious values: sanctity of human life;  universal morality]

Yesterday, so-called Master Race; Today, would-be Master Jihad, an aberration of Islam

  • And, thereby, to fulfill our drive for Exceptionalism, not Superiority, since We are the Carriers of the Torch from Sinai, but not the Source of its Flame
  • To restore Jewish & Israeli pride through the Affirmation of Mission to and for all humanity
  • To affirm the legitimacy of People, State and its Military Forces
  • To strengthen Moslem hands against the Extremism swirling beyond our Borders of Peace