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The Parable of the Almighty as Teacher

by A. Braunstein, April 7, 2013

The Almighty, in the role of Teacher, continues to test his pupils on earth, generation after generation, ever since Adam.    And none more than His pioneers in religious thought.

In the period 1920-1940, humankind was more divided against itself than ever before – a total rejection of Him as Unity. Teacher, therefore, gave Jew, Christian and Humanist alike an exam that placed the evil of Master Race – an aberration of nationalism -- in all our faces to see if we would recognize it, not make excuses for it or compromise with it.  We all failed that test and bore the "logical consequences" that followed – over 40 million died in Europe alone.

But because Teacher is so supremely Good, He withheld total fiery destruction of the world.  In His benevolence, He gives us all a "make-up" exam, in the form of Master Jihad -- an aberration of Islam -- to see if we've finally learned anything in class.

Woe to all, should we fail this make-up exam.

We are being tested again to see if we can finally rise above accommodation to regime Evil and to our own sectarian divisions. To pass this test, Teacher is asking if we are finally capable of engaging in a unifying struggle for our common religious principles -- the sanctity of human life and universal morality.

Aaron, Founder – Jewish mission to the nations