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July 5, 2017

JCA News Flash.!!

Wonder Woman -- an Honorary JCA Member.!!

JCA has inducted Wonder Woman as an honorary member of its Association

The Invitation has been graciously accepted by Wonder Woman, now resting on the mythical Amazon Island of Themyscira in preparation for her next exploits.

The Jury’s Determination

As a reincarnation of the Golem, Wonder Woman was also sculpted from clay.

The original comic-book character was created in 1941 during World War II to fight the Nazis by the psychologist William Marston (1893-47).

His creation was encouraged and sponsored by the publishers Max Ginzberg (aka Gaines) and Jack Liebowitz.

The character was seen as a palliative and complement to Superman already created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster [Superman’s birth-name on the planet Krypton  was Kal-El, i.e. god-lite, in Hebrew; as different from pepsi-lite]

The new Movie, directed by Patty Roth Jenkins, has Wonder Woman fighting some fanatical Germans during World War I.

In the Movie, when Wonder Woman realizes the destruction by gas taking place in Europe and decides to do something about it, she says, in the spirit of JCA,

“My mission is to save the world.”

And how are we to understand all those bad 1917 Germans in the Movie? Wonder Woman comes to our psychic rescue: “The Germans will be good men again,” she promises, “free from the god of war’s influence.”  Unfortunately, not until 1945, and over 50 million lives later.   But that sequel is yet to come.

As a light to the nations, Wonder Woman continues a 4,000-year struggle against evil idolatry ("The End does not justify the Means") started by the first missionary on Earth (Abraham) – Now that Wonder Woman has joined us, you can too.!

The Movie hit the Big Screen on June 2nd just in time (intentionally?) to accompany the 50th Anniversary of Israel’s stunning victory in the Six-Day War.

How appropriate for former Miss Israel and IDF combat training officer, Gal Gadot, to be in the title role struggling against regime evil on and off the screen.

The partial Arab/Moslem boycott of the Movie (so far Lebanon, Tunisia and now Qatar, that bastion of support for international terrorism) says volumes about the true nature of Moslem extremists’ self-inflicting campaigns against the restored Third Commonwealth of the Children of Israel, in blind denial of their own Koran.

In the struggle for women’s rights and feminism, Gloria Steinem put Wonder Woman on the cover of MS Magazine’s first issue (1971).

In a recent interview, Wonder Woman said re feminism: “It’s about equality and choice and freedom. I have no gender boundaries. To me, everyone is equal.”

In the Movie, Wonder Women is shown to be able to speak multiple, if not all languages, a sheer inspiration to JCA whose website is in ten tongues, so far.

In the Movie, timeless Wonder Woman sees her first ‘watch’ and asks if all men have that. Albert Einstein should take note, relatively speaking.

It is probable that, in the next sequel, Wonder Woman will return to her original calling and confront the Third Reich in World War II.

And possibly, for a further sequel, Wonder Woman will fight against “radical Islamic terror” today with a full cast of moderate Arabs and Israelis assisting her.

The Jury’s Decision:

Unanimous.  Wonder Woman is inducted as an Honorary JCA Member, sitting ex officio on its Board of Directors and also inducted into the JCA Hall of Fame.

See This Movie.!!  Forward this News Flash.!!  Join Wonder Woman in supporting JCA’s struggle against regime evil worldwide today.!!  And you don't have to be a woman to do so, but it helps.!!


Aaron Braunstein. JCA Founder