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Waking up the Nations to the Shoah as Prelude

In combating anti-Semitism, it is important to wake up the nations to the fact that the Shoah would have been Prelude to other genocides of tens of millions for the "noble purpose" of improving the human race had Nazi Germany been victorious in World War II. 

 In this, we can and must be a Light to the Nations, 

To begin to advance this idea, the article, "Africa, Blacks and the Shoah", was published in Vesty in 2013, and is now on the JCA website www.covenantalliance.org as well.


The article is also in original English as well as in French on our website.  The French version was sent to the rabid (enragé) anti-Semite Dieudonné in the hope that he just might wake up to what would have happened to his Kamerunian father had the Nazis received back all their colonies stolen from them by the French, British and Belgians in the wake of WW I -- poetic justice that the fuhrer would have probably relished by convening a 2nd Berlin Conference on colonies (the 1st was 1884) right after Germany's victory in 1945.


Such discussion of the millions of non-Jews murdered (e.g. millions of Poles -- how topical!), or would have been murdered, should not be seen as diminishing Our Shoah. 


Our Shoah can only have its full meaning and relevance for the Nations in the context of Nazi "race purification", starting first in Germany and then logically extending to all of Europe and the entire world.  Presented in such "Light", remembering the Shoah can generate true fellowship around the world.  This would also include Arabs [The fuhrer's "half-apes", in keeping with his opportunistic duping and exploitation of the Mufti] and non-Japanese Asians, especially given the Imperial Nippon view of "inferior" Chinese (hopefully, our next articles).


None of this is idle "What If" history but a wakeup call to the Nations that but for their lucky stars, many other peoples would have been progressively subject to "race purification" in conjunction with expanded and fatal slave labor programs.


This topic is a challenge for Yad Vashem and many other organizations to study how it could be integrated into programs of Holocaust and anti-Semitism education.

Aaron Braunstein, USFSO (1966-96, ret.)


senior English contract editor to Yad Vashem for all texts in the Holocaust History Museum (2005).

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