Mission Statement

"Advancing a Jewish Paradigm (thought pattern)
for Humanity's Spiritual Victory over Evil"

Higher still than being a Moral Example to the World -- a fitting mission for all peoples -- is the struggle against Moral Relativism. This is the higher rung on Jacob's Ladder for fulfillment of the Eternal Jewish Covenant.

JCA has been established to disseminate the missive that the Chosen (Choosing) People has a time-tested mission from Sinai to affirm Universal Morality and the sanctity of human life against the antithesis of Moral Relativism and its derivatives. These would enslave mankind under the terrible banner that the end supposedly sanctifies the means. Moral relativism reached its apex in the theory of Master Race and now in Master Jihad – a new totalitarian idolatry against Islam, based on terror and human blood sacrifice.

The call is out to the Jewish People and every friend (Halil) of Israel to Unite in the struggle against (1) this new idolatrous threat to humanity and (2) the antisemitic distortions of Chosenness.
The Jewish People is the bearer of the Torch from Sinai, but not the source of its Flame.

The seminal Paper in this regard – God and the Shoah – was first issued in April 2010.

The next Paper -- Chosen People Against Antisemitism -- brings the Thesis into fuller flower.

The third Paper -- The Tribulation of Christian Uprooters -- warns of the danger of Christian replacement theology to humanity.

The fourth paper, in English and Arabic, points out the depth of the Moslem Brotherhood threat to Egypt and the world.

Last but not least, the article, Africa, Blacks and the Shoah, points up with a dramatic "What If ...", that the totalitarian drive for world domination may start with the Jews but never ends with them.

Our Goals:

  • To affirm a primary meaning for Chosen Peoplehood – exceptionalism, not superiority.
  • To restore a sense of mission in the search for Oneness and Unity that has been lost by many because of the Shoah.
  • To reach Jews who feel embarrassed at being part of the Chosen or the Choosing.
  • To strengthen Christian affirmation of the eternal Jewish Covenant.
  • To help Moslems disseminate the Koranic references to Sinai, the eternal Covenant لاھيثق with the Children of Israel بَنِي إِسْرَائِيل and their return to The Land.
    And thus,
  • To unite and mobilize Jews, Christians and Moslems against modern blood-thirsty idolatry manifest in the reincarnation of evil as Master Jihad, a falsification of Islam.

Founding President

Aaron Braunstein is a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer living in Jerusalem. American-born, he is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Paris and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. During his 30-year Foreign Service career, he served 13 years in Moslem countries and has served as senior editor of English texts for Yad Vashem. Read more...



July 19, 2017

Aaron spoke at the Jerusalem Rotary Club on combat weapons for fighting antisemitism (24 min.)

October 22, 2015

Aaron spoke on the program, Setting the Record Straight, about the need for psychological warfare against Ayatollah Iran's Evil Internal Shia Empire (1hr17 min.)

on YouTube: "What Hasn't Been Said" please click here


This Talk is now complemented by a published OpEd in the Jerusalem Post, October 24, 2017:

"Psychological Warfare against Iran" please click here



July 8, 2013

The Tamar Yonah Show

Aaron Braunstein lived in Egypt for five years and worked in the U.S. Embassy one block away from Tahrir Square. He is the founding president of the Jewish Covenant Alliance, and a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer, He joins Tamar and speaks about the Obama administration's blunders and the Muslim Brotherhood's reckless governing (22 minutes). An eye opening show!

Does Egypt Understand Democracy?


June 10, 2013

The Tamar Yonah Show

Aaron Braunstein, from the Jewish Covenant Alliance, joins Tamar on the threats and spillover, from Syria.  Braunstein, is a former U.S. Foreign Service Officer who has worked in Washington, Egypt, Tunisia, and Muslim West Africa for 30 years as part of the United States Foreign Service. He explains the Arab-Islamic mindset, and paints a picture of how the Syrians might drag Israel into the conflict, and why.  A very informative interview and program looking at the moral dimensions in the Syrian civil war.

"Tip-Toeing with Syria"
May 2, 2013

The Tamar Yonah Show

Should the International Community intervene in Syria? What about their use of chemical weapons? Something must be done. But what?

"The Pros and Cons of Intervening in the Syrian Civil War"
October 17, 2011

Canadian Radio interview by Cheryl Hancock, Middle East Correspondent, High Adventure Broadcasting Network:

"JCA's Struggle Against Evil"
January 19, 2011


Braunstein Interview on AACI's RustyMike Radio!


Jewish Covenant Alliance: Fighting Antisemitism through Understanding the Universal Morality of Judaism
author: Adam Mallerman