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Rembrandt’s Belshazzar’s Feast (1635), National Gallery, London [Daniel 5:5]







Aaron Braunstein,

USFSO (ret.)


Executive Director

Yoni Shapira, CEO,

LHS, Ltd.


Artistic Advisor

Design Advisor

Directorate Board

Reuven Rivelis,

Liaison for China

Arts Board

Advisory Board

Prof. Ruth Fine,

Iberian & LA Studies,


Prof, Emeritus of Bible,

Alexander Rofè, HUJI

Yoni Shapira,

CEO Landmark Heritage

Services, Ltd.

Dr.J.W.M.Timmermans, Chairman, Den Bosch Foundation,

The Netherlands

J.L.Magnes Prof.

Emeritus of Bible,

Emanuel Tov,


Herman J. Weyers


Vermeer Art Center

Delft, The Netherlands


Mission Statement:

To create in Jerusalem, Israel, an international Hebrew Bible Art Center (HBAC) which will display masterpiece paintings by Jews and non-Jews alike on Biblical sagas from museums worldwide by means of high quality reproductions. Christian Greek Bible art will be the subject of HBAC research as it refers to Hebrew Bible epics and their interpretation.

The target audience will be those interested in the Bible and/or art to expand the awareness and impact of Jewish Civilization on the world.

The paintings will be arranged, not by artist, but by consecutive chapter and verse from the Bible.  The Center will serve as a magnet for visitors from Israel and abroad.  It will permit study of different artistic and philosophical approaches to each Biblical story.

The Center will serve an interfaith objective by also suitably displaying reproductions of Islamic masterpiece art based on Koranic verses that are parallel to those found in the Bible.

Non-Western Biblical Art will be a major focus for comparison and study.

Location: The Hebrew Bible Art Center (HBAC) can be established in a unique venue in the heart of Biblical Jerusalem. Located on Mount Zion near the Tomb of King David and the Room of the Last Supper, the Center will be just outside Zion Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Biblical Art will be exhibited in a hall of some 200 sqm among newly excavated archaeological findings dating back to the First Temple period. This historic Jerusalem stone structure also houses areas such as domed halls ideal for seminars, a multipurpose courtyard patio and a large magnificent rooftop viewpoint.

Existing Models: Two facsimile museums in Holland

  • The Jheronimus Bosch Art Center in ‘s-Hertogenbosch City
  • The Johannes Vermeer Center in Delft City

Their expertise and international contacts can be sought for realization of this Project.  The experiences of other institutions will be used such as the Rembrandt House Museum and major Bible Museums in Washington, D.C., New York, and Dallas.

HBAC in Israel will be complementary to them all.


  • Increase awareness of the influence of the Hebrew Bible on world art and civilization.
  • Advance research on the differences among masterpieces with regard to the specific Biblical themes being portrayed.
  • Promote periodic seminars on Biblical themes and relevant art masterpieces.
  • Encourage the creation of works of art today on themes from the Hebrew Bible.

Accessory:  Hebrew Bible Art Stamp Book

Supporters and donors are welcome


"From out of Zion shall go forth Knowledge and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem" (Isaiah 2:3)

A Project of The Jewish Covenant Alliance, R.A. # 580536027

non-sectarian, Bible-based struggle against evil totalitarian idolatry today


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